Other than Cards

Other than cards, I keep trying various other art and crafts . I will be posting all my crazy experiments here :)

One most important aspect of Indian culture is its art work. The amazing part is that every state you visit you will find oddles of talent and variety of art and techniques and always so much to learn. Painting and crafting is my first love, but travelling is not far behind :). Although I dont get to travel much due to work commitments, I encash on every oppotunity I get. I love visiting new places and one thing that always keeps me going is the fact that I will get to learn something new.

So the first one on the list is Madhubani or Mithila paintings as they are known as.
Madhubani is a traditional folk art of the state of Bihar. These could be done on any medium : paper, cloth or canvas (now thats what we call flexibility :) )and are usually on the themes of Indian deities.The techniques here is to outline complete painting with double lines and then fill in with various patterns. Use of bright colors add to the joy.

I experimented with painting of Lord Krishna which I created on Paper.I took the design reference from the site An Indian Summer . They have some great Madhubani designs. It now hangs proudly in my room.

Hope you liked it!! Thanks for visiting!!

I did quite a lot of versions of Madhubani and here is another one. The next one here has been done with very few colors and it gives a very earthy look. I took the pattern from internet itself and modified a bit as per my ideas.

Here is a closer look

It requires a lot of patience to fill in those patterns but the effort is worth it.
Hope you like it!! Thanks for visiting!!

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